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  • Burusport Baltic Freestyle CUP last stage – Latvia from Teamvosa on Vimeo.

    The last and conclusive stage of Burusports Baltic freestyle cup took place in Riga, Ķīšezers lake on Saturday 11th of June.
    The forecast was solid for competition day and in reality the wind was even stronger. The wind build up as day proceed and riders switched the sails from 5.2 to 4.4 in the end.
    Unfortunately rain and low temperatures didn’t attract to many supporters on the coast. Despite the June air temperatures were only 11 degrees.
    About the competition format: heats were judged by one constant main judge and 2 judges from riders.
    Organisers was doing all to attack as many competitors as possible but unfortunately either there are no freestylers, or despite other factors, only 4 riders from 2 Baltic countries applied for the event.
    As wind was gusty main judge decided to give long heats of 15 minutes duration. PWA level rider Tony Motus EST-21 was on fire and landed such repertoire of explosive tricks as skopu, kono’s, culo’s both tacks, burners one handed into funnel.
    So deserved first place in single elimination and as he continued the same explosion in double, nobody was able to stop him from taking Latvian stage title.
    Second place went to Latvian rider Jevgeņijs Gavrilovs- LAT161,who secured himself overall title of Burusports Baltic Freestyle cup.
    The closest heat during event were between Maris Minkevics LAT1661 and Ain Harmson EST0. The level of riders were equal , the tricks similar, so the judges decided to organise resail of their heat in double elimination! And it was Ain Harmson who took the victory by small advantage and secured his stable 3rd place.
    The atmosphere during event was great. Windsurfing club 360 took care about the riders to stay warm and welcomed in their comfortable club’s building with sauna. Cabo cafe suppied with delicious lunch!!
    BURUSPORTS Baltic Frestyle Cup done! And overall results is following:
    1. Jevgenijs Gavrilovs LAT-161 ( 1st EST event, 1st LT event, 2nd LV event)
    2. Ain Harmson EST-0 ( 3rd EST event, 3rd LV event)
    3. Maris Minkevics LAT-1661 ( 4th LT event, 4th LV event)
    Congratulations to all the riders for they effort!
    And enormous thanks to our sponsors who trusted in idea and supported us despite all difficulties in organization!!!

    Filmed: Miia Maarja Kuslap and Penny
    Mont: Penny
    music: Death Grips – Exmilitary – 2 – "Guillotine"

    Burusport Baltic Freestyle CUP 2015 – Lithuania from Teamvosa on Vimeo.

    It was a great success, with strong wind and rather acceptable air temperatures. 6 riders from 2 Baltic countries took part in this freestyle battle. Double lamination and supper session was done.
    1st. Jevgenijs Gavrilovs, LAT161, Burusports Team
    2nd. Tomas Indriunas, Lithuania
    3rd. Nerutis Raugauskas, Lithuania. Surfhouse Team
    For the upcoming season BBFC 2016 planning to run Latvian event in the windiest day in June on the Kisezers lake, Riga.
    Stay tuned for the last updates!
    But for now enjoy the cut from Lithuania !!!
    Video edit: Danulis Macijauskas& Ain Harmson.

    Thankful to our sponsors and supporters: Burusports, Surp Pro, Surf House Lithuania, KBL- Konstructiongruppe Bauen Latvia, Teamvosa, Windborn, Chuwak, Cabo café!

    Burusports Baltic Freestyle CUP estonian event is done !
    Despire the cold weather we had one supernice day in water and on beach, together with friends and spectators.
    Soon we will have pictures and videos from comp.
    We thank all competitors, people ho came to wach and cheer up all the judges !
    All the sponsors ho made it happen – Thanks !
    We hadolso livecoverage and video from the comp.
    After long day competing the results are :
    A- league:
    Jevgenijs Gavrilovs LAT161 Burusports
    Robert Koppel EST525 Team Extreme
    Ain Härmson EST0 Surfhouse

    B- league

    Erki Arumeel EST818
    Siim Reinvald EST267

    History of freestyle competitions in Baltics